Vedasempre – Affa Holding is made up by Affachem, Inject PRO and Vedasempre services companies. Established in 1999 with the purpose of meeting the civil construction industry needs related to embankments, tunnels, bridges and flyovers, industries, residential and commercial condoms, by eliminating leaking in concrete structures through a non-destructive process, using its own chemicals, equipment and labor for performing the services. Our unique products are developed and manufactured in Brazil.

Service division composed by professionals who are highly qualified for using our products and equipment, offering assurance, tranquility and satisfaction to the construction market.

Mechanical division responsible for creating, developing, manufacturing and maintenance of injection equipment and its accessories such as electric pumps, injection nozzles, among others.

Chemical division responsible for creating, developing and manufacturing products for forced chemical capillary injection (icqf)®, waterproof coatings and additives.


Innovating the waterproofing market with advanced technology products, equipment and services, providing reliability to our customers.

Being technologically recognized through new products and equipment developments, expanding new markets.

Providing trust, business ethics, integrity concerning promises, total respect to our clients and employees, and accomplishing our commitments.